Place-Based Access to Food - Notes from Food Poverty Alliance sub-group

Here are the notes from the sub-group that looked at Place-Based Access to Food - all actions were included in the Food Poverty Action Plan for Greater Manchester. What do you think? Have we missed anything? How might these actions be taken forward, and can you play a part in this?

Place-based access to food – Graham Whitham

Action Who
Measure and monitor the prevalence of food deserts in Greater Manchester, building on recent research published by Kellogg’s. GMCA, Kellogg’s/SMF, other researchers
Establish a clear understanding of responses, and promote healthy food options to food poverty (including foodbanks, food providers, community growing projects, cooking and nutrition classes), in places of high deprivation where access to affordable and nutritious food is limited. GMPA, GMCA
Ensure approaches to preventing and tackling food poverty are integrated into the place-based integration of services across the city region GMCA, health and social care partnership
Support the development and/or scale up of food support and other food related provision in those areas where the response to food poverty is limited. Ten boroughs and partners
Ensure food is of good quality and affordable in workplaces, schools, leisure centres???
Undertake research to understand the extent to which low income households are paying higher per unit prices for food and other everyday goods and services and the extent to which this if affected by place (poverty premium). Kelloggs, GMPA
Create a forum for the sharing of best practice between stakeholders working in areas of high levels of food poverty/food deserts. GMCA, GMPA
Access the ability of local community growing and food production to address food needs in areas of food poverty/deprivation.