Logo Options and Review


Here are three options, purposely different so we can generate some ideas for what works and doesn’t. I find with these things it’s always too to have a reference point for discussion.

Options A - a variation on the previous one

Option B - totally different

Option C - different again


Thanks Chrissie - these all look great. I think my favourite at the moment is Option A - I like the combination of the fork and spoon/two people/smiley face, and that it would work in any colour…

Will have another look tomorrow with fresh eyes though!

@Charlie_Spring what do you think?

Wow!! Impressed! I think Option A also my fave but wonder what others will think. Well done!

@cauton I would love to change the logo at top left to your awesome Logo A, and to include this on the landing page- do I need Flinn or Reece to do this? I have tried to work this out using the customise section but because I don’t know the technical term for ‘link at top left’ I’m not sure where to customise!

@n.taylor-buck I changed the logo in top left corner to Option A via Dashboard/settings. It’s made the text smaller; is this a problem? Not sure how to make bigger!