Logo for Good Food GM

Following last meeting, we decided to do some thinking ahead about what the Good Food web presence and branding might look like. One suggestion was to head to meet Julie R in Bolton. @Adrian_Morley I know you’re also interested; can start a conversation here and then see if a face-to-face meeting could be useful over the next few weeks? No rush. Will invite Julie to the discussion topic

Hi, my view is that we should wait on the website until the consultants have delivered the strategic review. This should be mid April. If they recommend a different structure or remit then it will potentially influence the form and purpose of the website, even where it is hosted.

I dont see why we cant progress the logo though. We were going to bring together a small group to develop this. Has everyone signed up to this? or is it better for me to email people at the moment?

No, not everyone yet signed up. I have sent email invites to a few people to join topics and thus sign up but some haven’t taken it up. I invited Julie R to this topic so can wait til next week to see if she takes it up? Who else do you think might be keen to partake? Could potentially ask Mark to include a link to this thread in the next-meeting email and mention that interested people could click and join in? If that’s a good idea would you like me to send to him?

That sounds good. Or perhaps we could start a clean thread with some logo options or examples for inspiration and then invite people to sign up / in to comment. Try to do it all through the forum as a way to test collaboration on here.

I like it. Do you have any ideas? I can ask Thoughtworks if anyone’s got any capacity…


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I wondered about something like this! except the GM shape being green like leaves, with towns and cities being like apples.

As you can see my skills are probably not sufficient (although it was very quickly done i have to say).

I think something that represents the geographical scale would be great, as this is a key dimension to the group and also makes the point that we’re not (or shouldnt be) manchester centric

the problem is it may not be obvious that the shape is GM if the names are replaced by red dots

Action from meeting today: Lucy will send to Creative Concern to see if possibility of developing Adrian’s idea. Charlie to send to Thoughtworks; @cauton @flinnburgess do you guys know if anyone available to work on this logo for Good Food Greater Manchester?

Hi @Adrian_Morley, just spoke to ThoughtWorks who are about to have a new cohort of post-training grads who will likely have a few weeks before their first proper job, so at the end of May we can see where we/Creative Concern are with the logo [and infographic] and if we need it the grads may well be able to help.

Hi, thanks for the update… that sounds promising.