Learning exchange with Gothenburg documents

On Friday 28th June, participants of the SAFE project (including the Sheffood partnership in Sheffield and members of Good Food Greater Manchester) joined an online call with Kristina Fermskog, who’s overseen a review process and written a report outlining potentials for strategic city policy for sustainable food in Gothenburg. Here you can read notes from the discussion and the Sustainable Meals brochure which can be used to frame procurement policy etc.
280619 Learning exchange Gothenburg, Sheffield, Gtr Manchester.pdf (366.5 KB)
Sustainable Meals pamphlet Muncipality of Gothenburg circa 2008.pdf (1.5 MB)
Next steps: are there further potentials for learning between the three city-regions e.g. around digital platforms, food waste collaborations, municipal food work? Kristina to visit GM/Sheffield in October for Mistra Urban Futures conference: organise dinner or visit?

thanks Charlie - some really interesting learning. It would be helpful to learn from Kristina about how they have built food into existing policies.

Leon’s point about making sure that strategies include stories is important - I wonder what is the best way to capture these stories and describe change of what is happening on the ground - any ideas? @Debbie Ellen I know you mentioned that we have a case study from Oldham - is that somewhere stored on the forum? or could you attach it here please?


I created this category which could be useful: there could also be a category called ‘good news’- or case studies, though the point of a forum is discussion rather than static content- the website might be best for that