Greater manchester Food and Drink Forum

hey everyone,
I went to Evo North this week and someone was presenting from the Welsh Food and Drink Board. Lots of great stuff to learn from. I thought I’d share the learning here - hopefully will spark some discussion about what already happening in GM and what we want for the future. Please invite others to this discussion thread

Here are some things Wales is doing - useful to reflect on how we might do this in GM? who do we need to invite into this discussion to get things to happen?

1)Pledge for businesses to work with local communities and schools to change perception of food and drink industry as ‘low skills, low pay’ – involve industry in careers fayre etc

2)Buyers and producers event – showcase new business (industry and government partnership) – Wales (Blas Cymru)

  1. Support food industry to use existing technology (sustainability + automation)

  2. Support supply chain – to be investor ready

  3. Develop skills – funding through Knowledge transfer network

  4. Expand apprenticeships in food and drink sector (good quality)

@Adrian_Morley How do we currently engage with the F+D sector and different business clusters?is there value in having a GM Food and Drink board that brings sector together?
What is the role of the business growth hub?

I’m going to speak with Anne Lythgoe to explore how we can embed food into the social value framework. What technology is there that connects businesses with the VCSE – do we use social marketplace in GM?

One opportunity to explore these ideas further is to ask Health Innovation Manchester or Business Cloud (also knowledge transfer network) to host an event that looks at innovation in food systems. Have we done things like this previously?

Business Growth Hub are the first port of call for GM level work supporting the food industry. I can send you the contact for Food and Drink Sector lead if you don’t have it.