Getting ready to invite new users

Thinking about some potential changes before inviting the wider Action Research Team and others

  1. enabling Twitter (or Google/FB) logins? Thought could be useful if people are wanting to use the site in a work capacity and link their identity on here to their Twitter feed. Looks slightly complicated to set up though (this is one of my challenges with the Meta stuff!)
  2. Potential categories: USER GUIDE (this could include requests for things people would like included in the user guide. Yesterday’s ART meeting included how to turn post into wiki (and know whether a post IS a wiki), how to create private chats, poss of grouping certain threads eg different subgroups of FP Alliance so they don’t get lost, how to hyperlink to other relevant chats.
    INTRODUCE YOURSELF A category for people to say a bit about themselves and state their interests
    WHAT’S HAPPENING eg links to Food Poverty Alliance launch, Gove’s surplus food fund, Green Summit
    Gothenburg exchange (could be limited for ART members only to see, a place to discuss possibility of visit)
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I made my first wiki! The clue is that the pencil icon at the top goes yellow- I thought this could be a good post for others to comment on. Pity you can’t seem to change the text colour to indicate this (or could you?)

aha! I knew there would be something…

Also the edit button in the bottom left of the post changes icon and becomes visible for everyone on the site!

There is a way of customising the styling of a wiki, here’s a link describing the process if you want to give it a go yourselves (we can of course make any changes you need as well)

@flinnburgess are you still receiving?! Tried to follow the advice in the Wiki post on meta but when I cut/pasted the advice in the post you linked, I get an error message when I try to save, prob as still total beginner in using coding language so don’t know things like when to start a new line. Can you help put the wiki feature into action? Hope you’re well!

Charlie - daft question from me - but what is a wiki?! I googled it and relates to creation of website - is that related to this forum or something in addition? Debs