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Testing use of forum for sharing/adapting docs (eg uploading PDFs, making posts into wikis), making decisions etc

This is a wiki, so anyone can edit the post; I think only moderators can turn ordinary posts into wikis by clicking the spanner at the bottom once its posted; ‘Make post wiki’ should appear. You can tell it’s a wiki by the yellow pencil at the top but admins can also edit the forum settings to make it even more obvious eg make the background go pale green using the Themes customisation [anyone got knowledge of CSS?!]
The numbers of edits will be displayed next to the yellow pencil, and you can click that number to see a history of which edits have been made, and by whom

Debbie’s simple edit and another

Strategic Objective 1: To establish and support senior leadership on food in Greater Manchester
Mayor Y/N GM agencies Y/N
Sign up to the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Develop GM wide standards and provide financial support and incentives to localities to foster integrated strategic food work at locality level
Require the appointment of a senior leader in GM with responsibility for strategic food policy work
Develop baseline data as a marker against which to measure progress on strategic objectives / priorities
Endorse a generous leadership17 model to deliver a food system in Greater Manchester that supports improvements in individual and population health, social and economic equity and prosperity, and environmental benefits including climate change mitigation
Support the reform of the Good Food Greater Manchester Board
Endorse the commissioning of the development of a long-term food strategy and 5-year action plan within an 18-month timeframe
Commit resources to oversee these interventions
Endorse and support a GM food summit.

Discourse isn’t a file management system- you can’t store documents here (the main structures are categories and tags)- it is better suited to discussion around documents- of course, you could turn a regular post into a wiki and treat it as a document, you can add links to documents (on google drive, say), or you can upload documents as PDFs and then people can comment on them. I made a simple test doc in Word, saved it as a PDF and uploaded it using the icon at the top of the editing window (visible when typing/replying to a post) Test doc for forum upload.pdf (96.0 KB)

Testing the poll function: click the settings button


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What should our top 3 priorities be for the mayor?

  1. Milan 2. Food poverty 3. Procurement
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I think it’s hard to make conclusive decisions if not all people can or are accessing the forum. However maybe it is helpful to get general opinions or a quick responsive to something (as long as we reflect that the response will be a selected group and there’s an opportunity to check it out with people at meetings)?

Hi Debs,
The poll above was just myself and Debbie testing out the polling function- not intended as anything hard and fast! The main purpose was to ensure that everyone knows what the forum can do- which email can’t so easily. There’s a totally separate forum that the Discourse founders and hundreds of users contribute to, for asking tech questions about how to eg customise site, build community (the ethos of Discourse, the company behind the forum, is v much about DIY culture, open source etc). is the forum for asking questions about the forum itself- and a massive pool of users/experts (though often quite techy!). But agree entirely that without more traffic it’s not meeting its purpose. Getting people using the forum has to be a priority- the building community bit- and that’s going to require people seeing that it has a purpose above email (hence polls etc as potentially neat/attractive features!)