Coronavirus, school closures and food poverty contingency plans

Are any boroughs making plans for the possibility of school closures due to coronavirus?

Children who usually receive free school meals, and others whose families struggle to get by and lose income through sickness, are likely to be particularly at risk of going hungry. Meanwhile the usual food bank distribution centres (plus the usual emphasis on best practice group activities with food during school holidays) may present risks of infection.

I’d be interested to know what plans are in place, and if there is scope for a conversation about a GM-wide approach to this, if best practice can be identified and scaled up.

It’s worrying, just been exploring how we in our neighbourhoods can keep an eye on each other with the understanding that ‘distancing’ and hand washing is needed.

Chorlton community are doing something more organised with a small request list available for people to make their needs known if isolating. They have a facebook group.

Food banks are getting low and panic buying causes food hoarding. The govt assures that there will be enough so it’s a matter of distribution.

Please ask Corin from Open Kitchen whether there are some collaboration possibilities with the ideas she is working with.