Changing links or logos within the website HTML code on GitHub

@Charlie_Spring - does this make sense to you?

To change links or logos within the HTML code on GitHub

Login to GitHub using this link:

Select greater-manchester-food-forum

Then select ‘website’


There are two main pages labelled .html at the end - about-us.html and index.html

index.html is the homepage - click on this.

You are now looking at the HTML code for the homepage:


In this view, use the ‘find’ command (command + F on a mac, and ctrl + F on a PC)

Type in ‘http’ and this will show you where there are external links within the code.

The first few we leave alone, but you will see a line of code that is one of the links to the forum:

<a href=“”>Forum</a>


To change the link, select everything between the speech marks as shown and replace with the new link.

At the time of writing there are two links to the discourse forum - on line 63 and 88 (The line numbers are shown in grey text on the left). Both would need to be changed.

The remaining links are to the partner websites, and these can be edited in the same way.

In the screenshot shown, you can see the link to Feeding Greater Manchester on line 138, and the link to their logo on line 129. In this example we can see the logo is called ‘feeding-gm.png’ and is saved in the resources/css/img folder within GitHub.


To replace the logo, first upload the new logo to the ‘img’ folder by clicking the ‘Upload Files’ button on the top right.


Once it has uploaded, go back to index.html, and edit the name of the logo on line 129 from ‘feeding-gm.png’ to the name of the new logo you just uploaded.


This looks good @n.taylor-buck! We could always add a link to at the top (rather than how to find it within GitHub) but other than that it’s pretty intuitive :slight_smile:.

Done - Thanks for the feedback!

Going through it super slowly makes sense. Changing things would work but not sure I’d be confident to add another organisation link button to the secondary collaborators within ‘About us’. For example, met Sow the City yesterday, who have a Big Dig map on their website (currently being refreshed) and have developed a GIS food ‘desert’ map for North Manchester, so would be great to add them to the site, but because I don’t know what the ‘div’/h3/p lines refer to around the img line, I’d not want to mess!

The good thing about GitHub is that you can roll back the clock if a mistake is made, so within reason people should be able to experiment without fear…

This is reassuring! I’ll get Beth’s event proforma from last week finished and have a play with Sow The City!

Great - I think the key is to make small changes each time you edit, so that if it breaks you can find what broke it easily (as opposed is to making lots of changes all in one go and then not knowing where the fault lies)