Changes to site

Hi Both,

Firstly to Nick, we’re struggling to figure out how to access the admin account for the new domain, we’ve tried visiting and but neither seem to work. If you could point us in the right direction with this that would be great.

To address Charlie’s points:

  • We have a colleague working on a potential logo idea, although we lack experience and tools for the task, so it might be worth hiring someone on a site like if you are after something a little more professional. We will send the logo we’re working on at the moment over once it’s done though.
  • As we previously discussed, creating a place for the food action plan which would be easily accessible/editable by many people would be difficult to do on the main site without requiring some sort of administrator to allow people access, so perhaps it would work better on discourse as you say. We’re happy to meet with Tom to discuss it further, the details of how exactly he wants it to work are still a little vague at the moment.
    I’ll email Tom and ask; might morning of Tuesday 29th be any good for you if he’s free?
  • Moving the key collaborators to the main page is a simple enough change to make, so we’ll get that done ASAP. We mostly put those categories as suggestions/placeholders, so we’re happy to change them to something more suitable or get rid of them altogether, whichever makes sense to you two. If there is a way of splitting the remaining organisations into categories then we can think of a way to present that nicely.
    I’ll ponder this before we meet. I also wondered if the shorter mission statement could perhaps replace the Latin bumf in the middle of the landing page?

We’ve updated the site to point to the forum now from the top bar, as well as updated the forum navigation bar to have the same options as the main site. Are you happy with this as a means for pointing back to the main site? We think it gives the impression that you’re not traveling from one site to another.
I think so- still wondering about having some of the collaborators’ sites in the top bar of discourse but currently the banner is working well.

Finally, happy to move discussion to the forums if that works better for you, just let us know.

All the best,

Flinn & Reece

I agree with Charlie’s points, and I think domain/hosting access sorted now?

Yes the hosting access is sorted now.

What our your thoughts on the logo?

I really like the logo - what do you think Charlie?

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I like it! It MIGHT make people think there’s a grower focus rather than considering multiple dimensions of food system, so that’s something to think about, but we can ask some of the other team members. I’m not fully clear what the implement on the right is- is it meant to look like a garden fork/hoe as well as an eating fork/spoon? That could be neat…

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agree - that would be brilliant to make the link between consumption and production. Overall really pleased with it - got the thumbs up from the teenagers at home so must be good :smile:

Thanks for putting the links on the top banner. I’ll have to ask the different groups whether they have a thumbnail for use (e.g. I know Good Food GM don’t like using the abbreviation GFGM because it might make people think of FGM)…some of these groups are still developing their web presence

Hi Nick - Chrissie here (I introduced myself on email yesterday) … I was working with Flinn and Reece yesterday on the logo. I’m happy to do a few variations on the theme if you like taking on board the points you’ve raised.

Once I’d got a few alternatives I will send them over this afternoon or first thing tomorrow - likely.

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With regards to the logo, our attempts to make one from scratch were a little lacking so we had a look around for freely available ones and found the one currently in use. I personally got the impression that the third object was a pitchfork, so it’s almost like from growth to production to consumption (with the spoon).

Regarding the links at the top, we had to use a plugin to be able to add the custom links, and as far as we can tell it doesn’t allow you to use icons instead of text. We can try looking into this and see if we can make our own version of the plugin that does.

I’ve had a look at what you can do with wiki pages on Discourse and I’m not really sure it will entirely satisfy the requirements of the action plans. The main downside is that it’s not as flexible as a normal word document, so the layout would probably end up being quite basic. Likewise things like checklists etc. don’t seem to be possible at a glance. Wiki pages are editable by anyone however and it shows a history of changes which can be reverted if needs be. An alternative approach might just be to use a shared Google Doc or something to present/edit the file, link to it in the forum and use the forum as a place to discuss?

Finally, I should let you know that I might be being placed on a project in the near future, I’m due to have a meeting with the team leader on Friday but I will keep you up to date with the situation.

Hi all,
Currently meeting our Sheffield team so will read/reply properly later. Chrissie, apologies for not responding sooner; I’m trying to contact Tom from the Food Poverty Alliance to see when he might be free to meet too. Looking fwd to meeting you!

Hi Chrissie - sorry for the delay in replying - we’ve had team meetings today and yesterday which took a lot of our attention. I think the logo looks really great, and I would love to see a few variations on the theme if you are able? Look forward to meeting soon hopefully!

Hi all,

In regards to the design of the site, we have implemented all of the changes that we have discussed.

It would be valuable if you could take a look through the site again and provide us with feedback. In particular, if you have any comments in reference to the layout, colour scheme, image selection or general structure, then please let us know.

Overall, would you both consider Phase 1 to be complete?

Hi Flinn,
Thanks for these points, especially about the Action Plan options. I’ll ask Tom about the Google Doc option. There must be solutions out there- must be lots of people trying to do collaborative monitoring etc online, so will keep an eye out myself.

And good news on finding work; keep us posted! Thanks for the work so far.

Hi Reece,
I am yet to speak in person to all of the groups who we would like to include as collaborators; ideally we’ll be able to make tweaks as we speak to them and get their thoughts on the site: our pace is a bit slower than yours (I’m also part-time with somewhat erratic work patterns hence slightly staggered responses). So hoping that we will be able to make some tweaks eg in regards to the abbreviated links at top of Discourse, but so far really pleased with how you’ve responded to the Phase 1 brief and looking forward to getting it populated and people interacting.
Hope we get a chance to consider the future phases with you too!

Hi, this is all looking promising, there was talk of meeting on the morning of Tuesday 29th January - I can do that if it works for all of you, if it’s in Manchester?

Hello Tom! I emailed @cauton to ask about possible Tuesday am meeting at Thoughtworks so hoping to hear back soon. Great if you can come along.

Hi Tom, meeting will be at Thought Works from 10.30-12; you can join for any or all depending on your workload. Will add you to calendar invite

I think the logos at the top look very smart - how did you do it?

We edited the code of the previous plugin so that it allowed us to use images as well as text.

You can see the code and play around with the items in the banner by going to the admin section of the site then click on “Customize”, then “Components” in the bottom left and you’ll see “Reece/Flinn Custom Header Links”

Under the section “Theme Settings” you can edit/add/update any links you’d like on the banner by following the instructions below it in grey.

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That is brilliant - thanks Flinn