About the 'What's cooking?' category

Every two weeks, a new hot topic will be suggested for healthy, action-focussed discussion and debate, beyond the limits of email and meetings. Rotating forum members each time will introduce the issue and set some key questions, and will create a summary at the end of the 2 weeks: what have we learned, and, more importantly, what can we do?

  • Topics could include an upcoming policy issue, current affairs or something suggested by previous chat participants

  • These topics might be addressed in other categories: the difference is that here, one topic will be the focus for 2 weeks of close discussion [can it then be C+P’d into a more relevant category for purpose of future searching?]

  • The aim is for diverse voices to be heard on topics that can be thorny: please respect differing opinions, and try to back up your points with links or evidence so that people can find out more.

  • The idea is for discussions to lead to ACTION: how can your opinions be translated into real change for the better? The facilitator will create a one-page list of learning at the end of the two weeks.