7th November write up and action sheets

Attached is the write up of a 4 hour session of the Good Food Greater Manchester Partnership where we worked on some short term actions. Separate actions sheets for 3 areas are also here (they came to me later).

Write up: Actions-7Nov2019.pdf (60.1 KB)

Procurement action: Actions table-A4-Procurement-071119.pdf (12.3 KB)

Food Poverty action Actions table-Food Poverty-071119.pdf (8.5 KB)

Data action: Actions table-Data-071119.pdf (8.2 KB)

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Debbie Ellen

Comment relating to the Food Poverty Action Profile survey (Food Poverty write-up): Care and thought will need to go into the framing and design of the process in the first year; we can call upon the experience and learning of London in how they went about things but we’ll need to be sensitive to context and ensure all boroughs feel included and active participants in something positive, rather than yet another source of stress/shame at a time following the hollowing out of council capacity and resource over the past decade. Some of the actions that might be possible have indeed been hampered by national changes/cuts, and we need to be aware of those. My thinking is that there’d be an initial meeting with all boroughs ideally present, at which the project is presented, but which is also a chance for boroughs to share concerns and to feed back things we should know about constraints, or actions we might not have thought about. On which note, one thing that we’ve discussed is that there
might be another possible action point is for councils to insert a couple of questions that might gauge levels of food in/security into existing borough-wide surveys (the existence of such surveys could be something to gauge from that initial meeting).

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Responding to @Charlie_Spring comment about all boroughs feeling included and the stress/shame issue. At the Feeding Regions event in one of the sessions I attended an observation was made which I’ve been pondering… someone said ‘manchester’ when talking about the city region. They were corrected; ‘greater manchester’, which is something I often do because of sensitivities around 9 boroughs in the city region being forgotten if ‘manchester’ is used rather than Greater Manchester. The response back was, ‘I think we should just talk about manchester, after all people don’t say greater london all the time do they?’… Fair point I thought, but there are very clearly issues with resource allocation in the city region - which is why its important to be clear when talking about food that we are seeking to work across the city region… not just in the manchester local authority area. Maybe the key difference is that in London none of the boroughs are called ‘London’ !!